Window Screens

ARAMCO window and door screens can be repaired or custom built with heavy-duty polymer fabric and strong extruded aluminum frame. The polymer fabric screen mesh is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

At the 40,000 square foot ARAMCO manufacturing plant in Galveston, Texas, our factory technicians will replace the worn-out fabric mesh of your existing window and door screens with a strong polymer fabric screen mesh that will keep mosquitoes out, allow air to flow, and outside light to come in.

During the re-screening process ARAMCO Technicians will carefully inspect, tighten and clean your aluminum window and door frames prior to installing the new polymer fabric screen mesh.

The ARAMCO window and door screens are made of the highest quality in material and workmanship to assure lasting beauty, performance, and a long life in coastal applications.

At the ARAMCO manufacturing plant in Galveston Texas, we can either replace the polymer fabric screen mesh or build you a completely new window screen with an aluminum frame and durable polymer fabric screen mesh that will allow air to flow at the same time it keeps pesky mosquitoes and other insects out.

Call ARAMCO now at 888-960-3928 or e-mail us today at and find out how little it would cost to replace your window or door screens.